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The ultimate document examination system

The Spectra Pro is quite simply best in class, built around state-of-the-art spectral analysis. It is the ultimate Video Spectral Comparator, a powerhouse trusted by authorities around the world for the inspection, authentication, and quality assurance of passports, ID cards, security and legal documents, breeder documents, banknotes and cheques.

  1. Unprecedented image quality with best-in-class optical technology
  2. State-of-the-art digital camera with extreme sensitivity in wavelengths between 350 and 1100 nm
  3. Effortless inspection of microtext and fibers with class-leading optical magnification of up to 224x on a 32” 4K monitor
  4. Largest available field of view for easy viewing of multiple regions of interest and identification of trends and inconsistencies
  5. Superior user experience with the latest software and USB 3.1 interface
  6. Extensive list of accessories and options to facilitate highly specialized examinations.

Hugely versatile combination of emission filters and light sources enables effortless scrutiny of most advanced security features.


Examination of Security Features like:

  • UV activated security features
  • OVDs, holograms and kinegrams
  • IR illumination “anti-Stokes”
  • Retro-reflective security features
  • OVI Optical variable inks
  • Phosphorescent inks
  • Watermarks
  • Laser images and engravings
  • Latent images
  • Birefringent features like e.g. SICPA OASIS®
  • Stamps and embossings
  • Fibers and other paper security features and many more

Technical Specifications:  

  • Weight: approx. 87 kg
  • Dimensions: approx. 959 mm width x 607 mm depth x 588 mm height
  • Magnification: up to 224x on 32″4K monitor
  • Max. field of view: 214 mm x 179 mm
  • Switchable Power Supply: 115 V 60 Hz +/- 10% or 230 V 50 Hz +/-10% (max. consumption: 400 W)
  • Camera: 10 MP, USB 3.1 connection, Ultra IR sensitive CMOS
  • Visible / IR lighting: Inciden
  • UV illumination: UV-A 365 nm, UV-B 313 nm, UV-C 254 nm
  • Transmitted light: visible /t / Flood, Top Side, Side left / right, LED ring light array, Retro/coaxial illumination, anti-Stokes 740-1000 nm
  •  IR, Spot, UV-A 365 nm
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