The flexible system

Revolutionizing the mid-range products

Spectra Flex brings in features previously only found in larger, top-end solutions and utilizes a flexible modular design – allowing agencies to choose only what they need for their specific application.

 It is a superbly practical, affordable option for border control/immigration services, customs authorities, financial institutions and forensic laboratories needing multi-application spectral analysis without compromise.
  1. Projectina engineering excellence, including Flexband MSL technology, the all-new Halo Ringlight, and motorized stage for smooth, precise positioning and examination
  2. Extra-large A4/Letter field of view for single-click capture of large documents such as bills of lading, vehicle registration papers and identity documents.
  3. Robust all-LED lighting options available, increasing lifespan while reducing energy draw and allowing more scope to reproduce the exact lighting conditions required
  4. Embedded PC, software and network compatibility allows rapid start up, saving time, space and fus

    Note– no concern about operating systems, updates or obsolescence. Simply connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard and get started.




  1. Immigration and border authorities: in-depth analysis of questioned documents
  2. Insurance and banking: verification of security features on currency and financial documents
  3. Forensic laboratories: detection of even the slightest  alterations on documents like breeder documents,  passports, ID cards, security and legal documents, etc.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Weight: 35 kg (approx.)
  2. Dimensions: 496mm width x 600mm depth x 496mm height
  3. Optical magnification: up to 108X on 27″ monitor
  4. Power Input: 100-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz

Software Features (built in as standard):

  1. Complete remote control
  2. Annotations and measurements
  3. Automated image information
  4. Comparison tools
  5. External document reader as well as further software modules like HDR (high dynamic range) image capture are optionally available

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