Now you can perform nano-mechanical tests in vacuum.

Researchers are increasingly demanding that test conditions closely mimic real-world environments in order to provide the most reliable, accurate prediction of properties.  With the NanoTest Vantage, Micro Materials already offers the most comprehensive range of nano-mechanical test options.  These are now further extended with the NanoTest Xtreme, which provides a vacuum environment testing from -100 to 1000 ºC without oxidation or frosting of samples.

Check out our new testing at 1000 ºC application note which includes real-world examples from some of our NanoTest Xtreme users.

Suitable for investigating the effect of more extreme environments than ever before for:

  • Low oxygen, low temperatures for satellite development
  • High temperatures for aerospace engine components
  • High temperatures for power station steam pipes
  • Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding
  • The effect of cold on weld repairs in oil/gas pipelines
  • Tool coatings for high speed machining

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