LCF3-Motorized Firearms & Tool Marks Comparison Microscope is designed with two large 9”x7” stages with 3-axis motorized motion.

Leeds introduces the LCF3-Motorized (LCF3-M) firearms comparison microscope featuring 3-axis motorized
Stages. Built with world-Class Olympus optics, the LCF3-M offers a 16:1 zoom ratio and built-in aperture
diaphragms, providing examiners with 14 matched magnification positions to choose from. The optical bridge
produces an erect, un-reverse dimage with a large 22mm field of view.

Incorporating several ergonomic design features, the LCF3-M can be adjusted to meet the needs of examiners at various heights. Leeds universal holders eliminate the need for multiple sample holders and accessory brushes. The LCF3-M offers an assortment of lighting options including Leeds quad lamp fluorescent lighting, gooseneck bifurcated fiber optic light guide with spot lens, or Leeds LED Cube illuminator fiber optic light source.

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