The Discovery-Z Firearms and Tool Marks Comparison Microscope built with Zeiss optics and motorized stages.

Leeds introduces the next generation fully-motorized firearms comparison microscope, the Discovery-Z, providing the motorization of both stages and the focus movement. These new stages allow the examiner to measure sample features in both the X and Y axis on both the
left and right-hand stages. Keeping versatility in mind, the Discovery-Z was designed to enhance the workflow
for a firearms examiner. The stages are operated by two positionable controllers with real-time tactile
response, incorporating a synchronous option which allows the examiner to adjust each stage individually or both
stages simultaneously. In addition, the Discovery-Z offers over 900 matched magnification set points and 23mm field of view.


The Discovery-Z directly interfaces with the Zeiss Zen 2 software, providing control of the camera as well as the 3-axis motorized stages. The Discovery-Z software/ hardware package also offers examiners the option for automated
control of Z-Stack and tiled images.

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